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CycleOps Trainers

CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer

cycle OMake every workout count

Better health. Faster splits. More me-time. Whatever your goals may be, the Fluid² helps you get the most out of each indoor training ride.

The large, precision-balanced flywheel (with patented fan design) lets you easily customize each ride simply by shifting gears, just as you would outside. This design also helps keep your Fluid² working better – longer. And thanks to our built-to-last manufacturing process, the Fluid² can help you conquer one goal after the next.

CycleOps Supermagneto Pro Trainer

ops proFour training experiences for the price of one

The Super Magneto Pro is built for tri-geeks, podium chasers and first time finishers alike with its unmatched versatility. Featuring four resistance curves: easy, road, interval and mountain, it’s easy to customize workouts for any goal — no matter how modest or ambitious they may be. And if you plan to share a trainer with another rider, then look no further.

CycleOps Magnus Trainer

Your Ticket to Ridemagnus

Saddle up and prepare to workout the way you want, when you want, where you want. All
you need is your bike, the Magnus, your favorite virtual training software and device of choice.

Integrated dual ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth Smart technologies provide a quick connection to an array of virtual training software, while our fast-response electromagnetic response system puts you in control of every change in resistance, from 0 to 1500 watts. Top it off with the oh so sturdy Classic series indoor trainer frame, complete with our innovative clutch knob, and you’ve got all the best features of a smart indoor trainer – without the hefty price tag.

CycleOps Hammer Direct Drive Trainer

hammerA Trainer Forged from Obsession

The Hammer redefines indoor training to create the ultimate riding experience. One that’s versatile en
ough to handle the most intense interval sessions as it is the easiest of recovery rides. Simply put, the Hammer is the perfect addition to any athlete’s toolbox.

This direct drive style bike trainer eliminates the tire-to-roller contact, and is capable of replicating any outdoor ride from conversational group rides to rolling hills to pain face inducing 20% grades. All of this is done with a smooth, road-like-feel thanks to a massive 20 lb. precision-balanced flywheel that replicates real world inertia better than anyone else. Paired with our innovative, rapid response electromagnetic resistance system and you’ve got a bike trainer that can cover large resistance changes in a blink of an eye at a whisper quiet 64 decibels. Plus, the Hammer’s revolutionary axle compatibility gives you the freedom to choose any thru-axle or quick release bike now and for years to come. Simply add a cassette, pop off your rear wheel, connect to your favorite virtual training software and prepare to Hammer away.

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Great for commuting, the pedal assist technology helps E-riders get further than ever while using less energy. Shimano and Bosch E-bikes available.

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Welcome to One Big Bike. This family owned and run bike store is well known by the Greater Dandenong community. With over 30 years experience we strive to fulfill all your cycling needs. Providing professional advice, bike servicing and high quality products and brands, One Big Bike Store has everything you need!

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