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Well known German brand, “Bosch” decided in the year of 2010 they would go ahead and develop their own central engine for bicycles. Aiming for nothing less than perfection, Bosch were able to design three engines; Active Cruise, Performance Cruise and the Performance CX. Whether you are commuting in the city traffic or trekking the Lysterfield terrain, Bosch have a system drive that will suit your needs.


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Active Cruise
Designed for everyday day use, the Active Cruise is perfect for leisure riders who seek extra support with every push of the pedal. Whether it’s commuting to and from work, or for recreational riding, the Active Cruise provides support at speeds up to 25kph.


Performance Cruise
Drive unit Performance Cruise, ensures perfect grip with exceptional grade ability. Perfect for everyday use, with the extra added power and overall performance of the Active cruise. (Supports up to 25kph)

Performance CX
The newest drive unit to the already impressive Bosch range, is the new number one favourite in performance. Not only is the Performance CX strong and steady, it equates the high power of the yamaha range with optimal torque (75 newton metres). If your looking for an ultimate riding experience, with noticeable performance boost, look no further than the Bosch Performance CX drive unit.



“Shimano,” a well known allrounder brand, entered the electric bike scene in 2014. Created and designed in Japan, Shimano were able to design “Shimano Steps,” a system that catered everyones needs. The reliable and economic engine delivers ultimate performance. Shimano Steps technology allows people to cycle without over exerting themselves and arriving on time to there destination feeling nice and fresh.

Shimano Steps
Designed for on-road/off road use and anything else in between, the Shimano Steps component system will suit anyones lifestyle. And with almost 30 affiliated brands to choose from, theres a bicycle out there for you! The Japanese engineers have included the unique automatic transmission and electronic Di2 technology into the Shimano Steps system, allowing your E-Bike to automatically shift down or up gears when riding. Making Shimano a stand out to fellow competitors.